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Saint Faustina - Messenger of Mercy 
"Your drama brought the story of St. Faustina to life.”  
         (Audience member, Philadelphia)
"I felt as if I was really watching Sister Faustina." 
         (Priest, Williamsburg, VA)

Performing Artist Nancy Scimone has presented over 100 performances of her one-woman Divine Mercy drama "Saint Faustina-Messenger of Mercy" throughout North America. "It's my desire," expresses the performer, "to portray both the chosen soul who receives extraordinary graces and the soul who, like each of us, seeks to love and serve our Lord. Saint Faustina imparts to us God's urgent and imminent call to pray for Mercy in these tumultuous times.  This is a story of Mercy and forgiveness."

What makes Scimone's drama unique is that her script uses only Saint Faustina's published Diary, and requires no scenery, special lighting or stage sets. This simplicity maintains the focus on St. Faustina's humble convent life and the message of Mercy. She is fully costumed as Sister Faustina. The audience truly senses that they are in the convent, and it's not uncommon for audience members to say, "I felt as if I was watching Sister Faustina."
After the performance, Nancy Scimone welcomes questions from the audience about the Diary, Divine Mercy and Saint Faustina. She can also lead the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. The drama runs about one hour and is appropriate for all ages including small children.

Nancy assists hosting parishes with publicity and promotion.

She has performed the drama for literally 1,000s of listeners at churches large and small, including Holy Rosary Church in Baltimore (the site of the miracle leading to Sister Faustina's canonization) and at the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. A list of previous performance locations, along with testimonials from audience members, pastors and DREs, is on the TESTIMONIALS PAGE.  

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